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The Evolution of Me

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This article will be a little different from the others, I’ve decided I’m going to share the evolution of me with you and how I was diagnosed as being bipolar then what’s going on with my health & mental health right now.

There were years and years I went undiagnosed and was given the wrong types of medicines. Some worked for a short period of time, a few gave me rashes and hives, but a couple turned me into a complete monster.

Every morning I take Abilify, Lamictal, Prozac, Trazadone, and Xanax as needed. I have an extremely addictive personality so I don’t really take those. I like to stay clear headed but I’ve added a little CBD (they have great flavors) into my morning and night routine. Speaking of night routines I also LOVE to take a bath with the CBD bath bombs These are the bomb (see what I did there), these bombs make you feel so relaxed, smell amazing, and leave you feeling so soft. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about having to take meds if you have a mental or psychical illness. There is a 4 letter word followed by the word off – you should tell them.

I’m so grateful to my psychiatrist and my psychologist! Without them I have no idea where i’d be because I was out of control. I would slam doors off the hinges, break windows, stay out too late, drink too much, I was always grumpy or mad, oh and I traded 5 brand new cars within 5 years. I still have a slight spending trigger though, just no longer with cars. 

I have bad days when it’s so hard to get up to go to work because my limbs feel heavy, brain fog sets in, and I can feel myself slipping into a funk which means I won’t be worth a damn all day. My boss is great, she understands and gives me the time I need. These days I immediately fill my essential oil diffuser and add 4 drops of lavender essential oils. I like to easily de-stress to take the day head-on, the best I can.

Speaking of jobs, February 12th I was on the way to work when I blacked out, I just fainted while I was driving. According to the by-stander I didn’t turn right once I came off the exit ramp so I hit the bridge on the left side of the road which hydroplaned me into the right lane where I then hit a transfer truck. I don’t remember any of it, the EMT was standing there when i came to. He said I’d been out for at least 15 minutes because the fire truck, State Trooper, & EMT’s were already there for awhile. (the state trooper gave me a careless and wreckless ticket – my court date is April 28th. This also gives me 4 points on my license)

This one event has totally turned my life upside down! I can’t work or drive so I have no way of making any money, I’m emailing companies to see if they need a content marketer. If you know someone who is in need of blog articles or web copy PLEASE pass me along. I’d be so thankful. 

I bought a new car because I thought it would only be a few days no more than a month that i’d be able to drive again, so i’d have some wheels. Welp, that didn’t happen because it’s already been a month ½ and my license have been suspended because i’m under seizure watch and i also have a hear monitor for 30 days. After the monitor is off the cardiologist wants me to have a TILT test done, they’ll stress my heart to see if the episode can be recreated, giving them answers. 

This will be TMI to a lot but I said I was going to lay out everything thats happening to me. Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, what I thought was a routine under the hood check up became terrified me when I got the call along with the results. I was devastated to say the least, now i’ve got an OB appointment on April 4th to discuss a full hysterectomy because there is no saving what’s there. Ladies, don’t skip your paps! I noticed I was hurting……a lot but I ignored it like I do everything else in my life hoping it would get better.

Without working or being mobile i’m usually on the couch watching Netflix or in my room on the computer, most of my friends live states away and the other 2 are usually busy lol. Although when I am hurting I can lay in bed with the heating pad and get some stuff done (like watch Youtube videos on Instagram, Pinterest, & Facebook growth along with hacks. I have learned a lot though, which has helped me implement it into my web copy.

I’ve decided to start my content marketing again though. I know it’ll be a slow crawl but i’m working hard to get everything updated, together, and running smoothly. This week i’ve finished all the main tasks so now, i send out emails, post in Facebook groups, and reach out to previous clients. 

Now that you know what has been up with me, what about you?

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9 months ago

Wow, so sorry to hear about all that has happened. Seems like your staying positive though through it all, so that’s good to see. I could potentially use your services, so I look forward to talking to you about that, take care.

J.W. |

9 months ago

I am really sorry for all that happened to you! I hope you will feel better soon! It is good to see that you are so positive and keep staying that way. It is very important! I wish you the best of luck in finding a job do to while you are at home. Sending you hugs from Serbia!

9 months ago

Good luck getting started again. You are strong and capable. Cheers.

Riyah Speaks
Riyah Speaks
9 months ago

I’m so sorry! I hope things get better soon.

9 months ago

Wow, I had a little trouble reading this. How can somebody go through all these things and still stay positive? You are so fricking strong, don’t you forget it. I wouldn’t be able to deal with any of these things. I wish you the best of luck with everything. Hope you feel better soon!

Jordanne || Ofaglasgowgirl

I am so so sorry to hear about everything you have been going through, you’ve been dealing with a lot. I really do hope that things start to turn around for you, especially on the cancer front. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and I’m sending a lot of love your way.