Meet Leslie

Hey y’all, I’m Leslie – the mastermind behind this blog. 

I thought I’d share a story about why I started this blog with the funny name. I’m all for balance but I’m also sarcastically witty [usually at the wrong times].

My mission for this blog is to bring out the best in one’s self. I’ll be speaking about mental health, self-care, wellness, and balance. 

I want to share my journey with you all so we can connect by getting to know one another. I think we should be friends if all of this resonates with you. You are never alone on your path although We don’t know each other my inbox is always open []. Our conversations are private and 1:1, if you feel like you can talk to me I’d be please and it’s no one else effin business.

I’ve been struggling with bipolar 1, anxiety, & manic depression since I was a kid but everyone told me to get over it because it was a phase. I would slam doors, smash mirrors, kick holes in the walls, and cry almost every day [the days I could get out of bed]. My body ached and I didn’t want to see the daylight so I bought black-out curtains. My general doctor started prescribing my different medications [we went through 4 to be exact] then she did a quiz, it turns out I’m bipolar 1. I felt relief as bad as that sounds but now I had a name for my horrible decisions [like buying 4 brand new cars in 4 years], risky behavior [jumping off a 25 footbridge as a dare probably wasn’t my shining moment], and spending money before I had it racking up $26,000 in debt [that car negative equity was most of it]. I now have a psychiatrist and psychologist that have pretty much been my saving grace! Although I’m on 4 different meds I’m just happy to be me, someone I’ve never known before [so I’m still figuring it out]. I want to do it the right way with balance, self-care, and wellness – which is why I started this blog, to hopefully help someone like me.

I’m passionate about writing, I’ve always loved it. Some of these posts may get a little long but I try to keep them to a minimum of 500-700 words. When I’m not writing I’m usually hiking, camping, baking, or watching YouTube [business & blogging stuff mostly but with a few 4×4 videos and car mods and lo-fi music [you should check it out]. I love essential oils, diffuser jewelry, and motivational t-shirts [like supporting your local girl gang ❤️]

This blog is complied dedicated to wellness, self-love, balance, and mental health. You might find a review from products I love occasionally but I’ll try to keep them to a minimum because that’s not what you’re here for. These posts will either be about personal experience, educational, or informative. There will also be no fluff in any posts, I don’t need to fill with a word count with useless information.

If I sound like someone you’d hang out with then let’s connect! Shoot me an email at and follow me on social media.